Pre-Order & Book Trailer Update

First – The Really Cool Stuff

This is the Official Book Trailer for Paradise Project.  It’s a little more than 1 minute long. Enjoy!

Second – Still More Cool Stuff

Paradise Project is up for Pre-Order on Smashwords and the Apple iBook Store.  (Notice how the Apple iBook Store text isn’t a link anymore?)

Now I would really love to provide the Apple link, but in their infinite wisdom, they decided to make direct linking to people’s personal computers far more difficult.  Even those people who use their Apple Computers and iPads to access this page won’t be able to get a link now.

Oh, nothing about the URL system changed, it’s just that if they’re clicked these days, instead of the product page, you are redirected to an ‘Install iTunes’ page.  Which is ticking me off, because the computer I work on has iTunes, and it auto launches every time now. It didn’t used to do that, but when it does, the iTunes product page is now masked from me being able to make a direct link to post here, for your ease of use.  I can’t control that.  Only Apple can, and they’re not about to stop ‘changing’ things for the better.

Well, hindering my marketing efforts for a product on their sales page isn’t helping themselves, but I am a peon in their eyes.  Who am I, right?  Well, besides the guy who provides a product for them to make money on.  For the record, I did uninstall iTunes with the hope the links would function as before, but nope.  The redirect still happens.  Their fault, not mine, that I can’t market their sales pages anymore.

Third – One More Cool Thing

At this point, I’ve actually started to write Darya: Queen of the Galaxy.  I still won’t launch Beta for it under February of 2015, and who knows, I could even have it finished by then. When I do launch beta, there will be a new Beta thread on my blog, and the open invite as well, to anyone who would like to participate.  (If you spotted the fact that I used ‘under’ instead of ‘until’ on the second line of this paragraph, that means you, yes you, can be a valuable Beta Reader!)

The Muliebral Order is still in process as well.  Going back and forth between them seems to feel groovy to this writer, so who knows, 2015 may see a two for one release.  Maybe, but no promises.  My Darya series takes priority.  ^_^

Talk to you all again in a few weeks!  Stay safe out there.

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Big Changes – New Release – Massive Blog Post Starts Now!

Please excuse the mega post.  I can’t help it.  I’m a writer.  I will keep relevant section topics in bold for your ease of finding which subject interests you today.  Now for the first big update…

Paradise Project Pre-Order

Official Paradise Project Cover

It has been uploaded to Smashwords and set to release on 8/15/2014.  That will give the title plenty of time for other retailers to make their own pre-order announcements.  While it can be found and pre-ordered on Smashwords right this second, in a few weeks, I should be able to post pre-order links for the other retailers who find doing that stuff entirely groovy.

If you’re thinking… what a minute, I know that name!  Paradise Project!  Wasn’t that in… and YUP, sound the bell.  Ding ding ding!  This is the 2nd Edition Remastering of the Passion Trilogy.  It has been moved from Romance to pure Science Fiction and Fantasy. What does this mean for Passion of the Different, Passion of the Same and Passion of the Unknown?  Those are Romance titles.  They will stay on those digital shelves.

Paradise Project is remastered for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans.  The plot hasn’t changed.  All of the characters are still there.  Only the voice and point of view has been remastered.  We must face facts here.  There is a reason why fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy shun the Romance section in the bookstores.  Not 100% of them, but 99.7% do. Now those fans can enjoy the same level of adventure in a format they can approve of reading!

The word count for Paradise Project is absolutely staggering.  In no way can most readers finish this novel in a few short days.  The word count totals an incredible 231,330 inside 664 pages, if this was ever to be printed as a paperback.  Which won’t happen of course, unless it goes best seller.

What?  Dan, are you losing it?  $5.95 to buy it?

That’s actually a bargain, and I’m going to prove it.  One, if you were to go and look up the Passion Trilogy, you would see that Passion of the Different is free!  If you want the next two novels in the sequel, they are for sale at $2.99 each.  Keep those figures handy.

Paradise Project is all three of those novels, remastered, thrice edited and with 35% available as a free sample, you can download the free sample and read it… which is the entire first novel, plus a few chapters into the second novel, all in one spot.  Free!  If you pay the 5.95 to get the rest of the book, it’s actually 3 cents cheaper than buying the two Romance based sequels to finish the whole trilogy.

Basically it boils down to what genre you like to read.  If you love Romance novels, the Passion Trilogy is for you.  If you love Science Fiction and Fantasy, Paradise Project is just for you.  Same cool story, just from different perspectives.


What?  A Movie?!?

Have you ever wished that one of my stories was made into a movie?  There is a slim, as in paper thin slim, chance of that happening.

Of Space and Time


If you want to see the script and project page, you can go here:

A few of my closest friends have seen this script.  Now you can too!  It’s not a new creation of mine, but one I’ve been hanging onto for a long, long time.  I give dates in the description.  This may or may not get approved.  If you would like to help, download the script, read it, and go back to give an honest review.  Even if the script is eventually rejected, I can edit it as needed, based on the feedback, and resubmit.  Who knows?  Maybe this bucket-wish dream of mine might actually happen, before I can kick the bucket.

Even if this one never gets made, I’m currently dabbling in another movie script, one that uses today’s modern screen language, as well as the more modern screen format.  Once that is finished, as the first 25 minutes is complete, I’ll post that one as well.

Remember, I warned you this was going to be a big post.  Next!

The Muliebral Order

muliebral order cover

I can already hear it.  DAN!  What are you doing?  What happened to One Unlucky Knight? Why do you like writing about women who can kick ass?

Short Answer:  Women rock.  I love having them as heroes.

I sat down for my time slot for One Unlucky Knight.  The words came slow, I hate the main character and how he turned out.  I wanted a flawed knight that a heroic dragon can pick on.  It just didn’t work out.  That happens sometimes.  As for the cover of that novel, I made it myself.  I can retire it for now.  If look at it again, it will be well after 2015.  My apologies.

However, when I changed gears to The Muliebral Order, my fingers became possessed!  They wouldn’t stop!  Five thousand words later, I was wondering what mystical force invaded my mind over this one.  So I made the cover, and it all worked out perfectly.

What does Muliebral mean?  Well, read the book when it comes out.  Or use Google, lol.  It won’t arrive until I’m done with the Darya series, but it will be in development all along the way.  There are no flawed heroes in this one, or prankster dragons.

This is a brutal story.  No comedy.  No love.  It’s about revenge, about a prophesy, and some despotic tyrants who are fueling the sex-slave economy by sending their troops to the borders to capture new stock for the breeder pens.  In case you don’t know me personally, in that universe, I can’t let that carry on.  This is a bloody story, one that should make bad men all over the world cringe each and every time they think about hurting a woman ever again.  Where this plot should be truly epic is how she gains the skills to punish those tyrants, and what she does to share them!


Brain Taking A Vacation


When August and September hits, my brain is outta here for a bit.  I need to take a vacation.  The other night, I had a nightmare that I was fighting a Thesaurus Rex, and it was using a large letter V set of teeth to bite on my leg.

What’s important though, is what happens at the end of that vacation.  I’ll be recharging my batteries to start writing Darya: Queen of the Galaxy.  I won’t be starting Beta on it until February of 2015 or so, which should have me finishing the story up for that promised 2015 release.

That is the end of this update!  I’ll see you all next week, and I promise, it won’t be another large mega-post with all kinds of weird changes.  ^_^

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The End of June Report

Multiple projects, decent progress.  Paradise Project is nearly complete.  I’m down to revising the last twenty chapters… out of a total of eighty-four.  Yes, it’s that long.

What about that car review I did?  The lowest visit rating ever for my blog, I was upset enough to throw a tough review up on my writing blog.  My apologies.  I didn’t mean to bore anyone.  Now if the car had double barrel lasers under the headlights, a hyperbend class engine with expandable wings… yeah, that might have gotten your attention a bit better.  My bad.  No more car reviews,  I promise.  ^_^  (I can keep that promise easily, I only have one car I’m paying on for at least five more years!)

I ran into more problems with writing One Unlucky Knight that has nothing to do with writer’s block of any sort.  I don’t suffer from that condition.  The main character, Sir Ivan Talbrond, is a man of many vices and even more flaws.  He’s the focus of a dragon who is enjoying exploiting those flaws something fierce, and the more I write about Ivan, the more I’m actually starting to hate him.  What?  I can hate my own main characters?  Darn right I can, LOL.  If I can’t resolve my mental theater with how the plot is working out, in the next two weeks, I’ll retire that novel in progress.  The biggest benefit from that will allow me to start writing Darya: Queen of the Galaxy a touch sooner than anticipated.  Now that will go to completion, regardless.  I always finish a trilogy I start.  Only one thing can stop me. Death.

I’ll be posting another update in two and a half weeks or so.  I’ll talk more about One Unlucky Knight then, and its eventual fate.  To finish it, or to ditch it.  I’ll share the reasons down to the tiny details, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Until then, stay safe out there.  It’s still a hostile environment on our little planet we call Earth.

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Review Time: 2012 Hyundai Accent

2012 Hyundai AccentComing in at a little less than $300 a month, there is no way I could ever afford to buy a new car without financing it.  Two years ago, we financed a new car.  I believe it’s review time, because we have driven it for about two and a half years, putting on a grand total of 16,125 miles as of this article’s creation.

Like all newer cars, it takes time to break in the system, get all the parts in harmony, as one might say, before coming to a point where a person needs to stand back and say to themselves, “Was this car worth the monthly payment I’m going to be stuck with for seven years?”

The answer here is simple.  No.  It’s not worth it.  In fact, I will never, ever buy any cars ever again from Hyundai.

I could leave it at that and walk away.  Most people are good with that kind of review.  Some of us, however, would like a little more details.  If that’s you, then read on.

Major Fault:  The Front Bumper

Ever have the bottom edge of your front bump mildly scrape against a parking lot curb?  I’ve owned many cars from many different makes where this happens from time to time.  You can’t see any visible damage.  If anything, the paint on the underside of the front bumper is perhaps a bit rough.  So what?  Big deal.  Not for the Hyundai.  That mild rub happened just once.  Half of the font bumper nearly came off.

The design flaw that allows this happen is in the nuts and bolts.  Or I should say, the lack thereof.  That’s right, the majority of what’s holding the front bumper on this car isn’t nuts and bolts, but plastic clips.  Not tough plastic, mind you.  Mild plastic, as in your kid’s plastic bucket is made of sterner stuff.  Heck, baby bottles are made of tougher plastic.

The fix?  A $800 bumper that will do the exact same thing, or use Gorilla Glue on the original bumper.  Do you really want a new car that you had to fix with Gorilla Glue from the hardware store?

Second Major Flaw:  40 MPG per Highway on the sticker.

It’s a lie.  They know the car doesn’t do 40 MPG on the Highway in gas usage.  In fact, they have a rebate program, based on your mileage used, where they send their customers a pre-paid Visa card with the refund processed on it for the extra money you spent in gas.

The cons?  Major paperwork.  They don’t tell you about it, customers must find it out for themselves.  The paperwork is hard, and the local dealership you bought the car from doesn’t really want to help you go through the process to get the mileage difference refunded back to the customer.

Third Strike:  Free Oil Changes

It was a selling tool, at best.  The customer is promised free oil changes every 3500 miles.  What they don’t tell you up front is about all the attached strings.  As in that is a promise made by the dealership that is local, not with Hyundai itself.  Only at that dealership, and Heaven help you if that dealership is bought by another company.  So when David Stanley Hyundai was bought out by Bob Moore Hyundai, they said they would honor the deal made by the last owner.  The catch with that one?  If I miss an oil change appointment, chances are high they’ll no longer honor the agreement.  So when Moore, OK and Oklahoma City got tore up by those tornadoes, I missed the appointment that weekend.  I’m a guy, for goodness sake, and when I feel too intimidated to call them and say I missed the ‘critical’ oil change appointment because of a natural disaster, in a ‘hope’ they’ll still honor the deal… no.  I don’t need that kind of hassle.  They are a half hour drive from where I live, there is an oil change service two minutes from my house.

Solution?  Pay for your own oil changes, and never fall for that sales tactic again.

As in baseball, three strikes and a person is out.  There are more issues I don’t care for, but three is enough for me.  They’re out.  When this car is paid off in four and a half more years, I’ll probably fill it with lemons and ship it back to Hyundai Motors.  My 10 year / 100,000 mile warranty is crap.  I always do proper maintenance on my cars.  I take good care of them.  However, their mechanics at the dealerships approach your car if there is a problem, with the attitude that they have to find out how you broke it so they can void the warranty and charge you out of the ass.

Don’t misunderstand.  I break something, I pay to have it fixed.  However, holding a bumper on the front end of a car with fragile plastic clips is a massive design flaw that I am not responsible for.  They should be.  They made it like that, after all.  If it was up to me, I would have used nuts and bolts.

Upon Edit:  For clarification, if I had known the bumper was held on with plastic clips instead of nuts and bolts, I would have passed on this car.  When was the last time you actually slid under a brand-new car to see if the bumper was attached by nuts and bolts, right?

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2014 Half Over!

June is here, and that means 2014 is actually half over!  Only six more months left of this year, and will there be another novel release within 2014?

Yes, there will be.

When I wrote the Passion Trilogy, starting with Passion of the Different, many goals crowded my to do list.  I targeted the story for a Romance / Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre that broke many of the little rules, but kept all of the big ones.  For instance, a Romance story of any kind needs to have a happy ending.  Every novel I’ve ever written has an ending, but there would be a number of people out there who would disagree for Passion of the Different.  The challenging statement would be, “You ended that novel as a cliffhanger!”

When I read that accusation in a couple of reviews on different websites, I knew that wasn’t the intent.  Alas, I discovered the problem.  The very last chapter shouldn’t have been numbered.  It should have started with the heading Epilogue as this wasn’t a continuation of the story in Volume One, but a peek as to what was going to happen in Volume Two called Passion of the Same.  The happy ending did materialize, the confrontations and problems in the first novel were resolved.  The new problem that was introduced was done so as the last numbered chapter in question.

So why didn’t I go back and fix it?

Passion of the Different is a free novel.  Any series starter I come up with gets offered for free.  If a reader finds that universe something they would like to continue reading about, then they could go buy the sequels, each having their own problems and resolutions by the end of the novel.  Thousands upon thousands were already downloaded and enjoyed.  The story developed a small, but dedicated fan base.

Who am I to mess with their favorite world?  Think about those older movies, where people enjoyed them at the time of their release, becoming ardent fans.  Those movies are looked back upon fondly.  If the producers were to yank that movie and redo anything to change the ending, even by a little bit, they would have the one thing no author or storyteller would want:  a revolt from the fans who support them.  Instead, they do the one common thing that people have gotten used to.  A remake.

For novels, they’re called ‘Editions’ and are numbered accordingly.  Passion of the Different, Passion of the Same and Passion of the Unknown are first editions.  That romantic tale will never be changed by me, for the sake of the few who really enjoyed the story.

Second Editions, akin to movie remakes, are aimed at improving, updating and re-telling the same story, but in an improved format.  This time around, there’s going to be a genre change, but it’s not as drastic as it sounds.  It will still be Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but with one minor difference.  The romance elements will be removed.  Just the elements that make it a romance, folks, without changing the story line.  Our couple still falls for each other.  They still get together.  The four page love scenes, however, become a very tactful one paragraph description about their passionate evening together.

Straight forward Science Fiction and Fantasy – I have to include ‘Fantasy’ on this part because of the main setting on a primitive planet that gets visited in many disturbing ways from a crowded galaxy – doesn’t sell because of intense sex scenes.  They sell because it’s a powerful story that entertains the imagination, a story that draws the reader in to discover a different world.  A different universe, and enjoy the ride our protagonists go on, in an ever constant struggle to defeat their antagonist.

The Passion Trilogy was complete by May of 2011.  Three years have gone by, and now it’s time for the second edition.  This time, the second edition won’t be sold as three different novels.  Oh no, that’s not going to happen.  All three novels, easily more than 200,000 words, will be under one cover.  One huge ebook.  It’s going to be renamed Paradise Project and only offered under Science Fiction.  Since the original Passion series is written as a Romance, those novels will not be unpublished.  Romance readers rarely, if at all, cross the isle over to strictly Science Fiction, and vice versa for Science Fiction readers.

That means I’ll have the first edition happily entertaining future readers in Romance, and the second edition introducing a deep story about a fascinating world in a controversial galaxy to Science Fiction readers.  Best of all, my small but dedicated base of fans won’t lose their favorite novels.

I’m working on Paradise Project even now, with the goal of a September release.  That’s three months from now, and yes, about a month and a half before that release, I will have the second edition available for preordering at online retailers who like to do that sort of thing.

Time for me to get back to work.  This task is a huge undertaking, and worth the time I’m investing to make sure it’s a fun, stellar read.  ^_^

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Released: Darya the Pirate

Darya the Pirate Official CoverToday, the file uploaded to Smashwords and converted without a hint of trouble.  I downloaded and checked the file formats, they all look good and are highly easy to read.  Yay!

Darya the Pirate is currently available for sale at Smashwords.  As the distribution tree wakes up over the course of the next few weeks and more retailers add the book to their shelves, I’ll put the links here first, and everywhere else next.  The first 25% is available as a free sample at Smashwords, that’s 25% of more than 98,000 words for you to enjoy before you buy it.  If it’s not your cup of happiness, no money lost, no foul.  But if you find yourself enjoying the tale, that it’s a good match for you, then you’ll know the rest of the book is waiting for you to scoop it up all for yourself.

I hope you all enjoy the story!


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Memorial Day in the US

It’s Memorial Day here in the United States today.  My own dad, who fought in World War Two, is among the many who I will honor this day.

Beta is over for Darya the Pirate.  Edits are done.  The novel is completely finished, from front to back.  It’ll be uploaded tomorrow to Smashwords for distribution.  Once the conversions to all ebook formats are done and I check them to make sure the formatting comes out okay, then I’ll post the link here.

Once Smashwords puts the novel in the Premium section, meaning it will go out to places like Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Scribd, among the online retailers out there, then I’ll go into full promotion mode.  Which means some type of book trailer, ads and the like.  Oh, what fun, right?  ^_^

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