Valentine’s Day Is Coming Up

Valentine’s Day is where one shares their feelings with another.  Not just any feelings, mind you, but the ones that start from the heart.  A spark that becomes a flame, fanned to life from the blades of time.

As a guy, I’m a huge fan of women.  Everywhere.  Tall or short.  Fat or thin.  Sexy or scary.  It’s that female smile and slightly lifted eyebrow that can send a man’s metabolism right off the scale from across the street, between two people who will never meet.  Yet, for all of our wants, needs and desires, we must walk this Earth with a healthy dose of caution.  Not all men are created equally kind-hearted.

If I had but one wish, it would be for a world where men continue demonstrating gender equality with women, while being allowed to express our respect and appreciation without being demonized as a male chauvinist.  I happen to like opening doors, smiling brightly and tipping my hat, when I have one on.  To do so, though, can bring calamity upon one such as I, so I keep it to myself.

Though once and a blue moon, a situation arises.  A door is swinging shut, I am on one side, and a woman is running up, reaching for it in the hopes it doesn’t close all the way.  That she can make it in time to ‘catch’ the door.  I quickly, and without hesitation, re-open it with a small nod.  I get told, so far, “Thank you.”

My reply?  “You’re welcome.  I enjoy being living proof that Chivalry isn’t dead.”

Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is coming.  Strive to respect your women, love and protect them even if they don’t want to be protected.  Reward them with your compassion, pay them due respect for the joy they put into your lives, and be the living example of how men should treat their women to the point of envy from other men’s ladies.  Don’t worship the ground they walk on, instead, build for them a highway of success and happiness that they can walk with you well into the future, for many more years of comfort and love.

As for me, I feel like this every day.  How I wish I could get every guy on the planet to feel it too.  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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