The Saga Continues…

Darya Rising is still under development, as is another project, while One Unlucky Knight is on hold for now.  My funds for this quarter are a touch more lean than I expected them to be, so I’m forced to take things a touch slower than I am used to going.  I do know one thing, I’m anxious to get a new domain up and running, complete with a permanent email that doesn’t rely on Yahoo or any other freebie service that loves to ad-spam me.  Until I have a means for people to use a reliable on-line cart, which I’m working on currently, for digital downloads among things, that update will take a little more time to make happen as well.

February is the shortest month of the year, so I expected it to pass quickly.  It’s been a long two weeks since my last post, and I’m going to do my best to keep my ‘weekly’ updates on time.  As for now, I got another 10,000 words to process out of my head and onto digital paper before the coming weekend arrives.  Wish me luck.  With all the errands I must do, it’s going to be a tight schedule to keep.

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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