Darya Rising Will Release In June

You might be wondering why so long… it has nothing to do with production.  Is has quite a bit to do with getting the story just like I want it to happen.  So my targeted release day is for June.  It will also let me save up for promotional materials along with plug-ins across the internet.

Will I do another radio ad?  I don’t know yet.  While my goal has always been to provide quality fiction that readers can enjoy, it’s a matter of patience as much as hard work.  During this process, I’m working to bring folks a new domain with better information.  I’d love to provide backgrounds on the characters I write about, you know, stuff you can’t get in the novels.  Think of it as those DVD extras you see at the end of your favorite movie.  That way you’ll get something extra for visiting my website, among other things I’ve got planned.

Oh, before I forget!  Over at Smashwords, there’s an event that lasts until March 9th, called Read An Ebook Week.  All of my titles are discounted, some of the non-free titles have gone free, while others are half price.  Check it out here.  Scroll down a little, make sure you click on the title and check out the price on the main title pages, those will reflect the discount codes and what they are.

In March, spring is going to start, and it will chase the cold away.  It will also be perfect for my work.  Nothing is cooler than breathing fresh air while writing a fun novel!  I’ll be posting again next week, folks.  Until then, sleep well and keep your smiles coming.  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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