Losing A Size

While writing Darya Rising, eating Vegan stuff, drinking low-calorie juices (40 Calories per 8 ounces that’s not sweetened) and good old-fashioned water is paying off.  I went from 3X down to 2X.  Like most things, this trend didn’t start with a diet plan.  It started with a lifestyle change.  The differences are huge.

It started when I was talking with an employee at sporting goods store here in Oklahoma City.  I was sitting at her desk, our business concluded, when I noticed a picture of a large woman on her desk.  I asked if that was a relative, as they looked similar.  Boy, did she ever shock the electrons out of me.  “That’s me, four years ago, just before I went Vegan.  I keep it there to remind me how my old lifestyle was killing me.”  Today, she is a slender woman who appeared to be very happy.

The secret to going Vegan is about what you eat, of course.  No dairy.  No meat.  No fish.  No milk.  Nothing that doesn’t grow from the ground.  If it grows from the Earth, it’s on my plate.  If it goes through any chemical processing, it never gets off the grocery store shelf and into the cart.

Eat the rainbow.  If it has a different color in the fruit or vegetable, make it a part of the meal.  You need to eat fruits and vegetables both.  Strawberries are red.  Grapes are green and blue.  Bananas and rice are white.  Citrus fruits are yellow.  Carrots are orange.  Etc.  That became my new meal plan, and while pricey at times, cutting out the costs of meat for myself has more than balanced out the food bill.

Results are more than just a reduction in one size.  I’ve only been doing this a month and a week or so.  The changes gave me more energy.  I wake up easier.  I don’t have a half filled drug-like stupor that can only be banished by coffee.  I’m starting to feel better and I fart like a gas factory.  I don’t feel starved, I feel full with less and less each week.

Going from a 3x to a 2x in one month is quite encouraging.  I’m still sitting at my desk often, writing my novel, working to bring fiction that will entertain to readers everywhere, and losing weight.  If four years from now, I’m my old slender self once again, I’ll be a very happy man.  I can only hope.  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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2 Responses to Losing A Size

  1. Wow, that sound encouraging!

    And what a slogan: “Eat the rainbow, be a Vegan.”


    • I agree, and better yet, it’s not about Skittles. Hehe. That candy has been using “Eat the rainbow” for awhile, but hearing it from a Vegetarian perspective is actually a lot more fun. When raw green beans crunch like candy and are sweet as heck, I lost my sweet tooth for anything coated with fake sugar. (High Fructose Corn Syrup yuck stuff) I have a new sweet tooth for crunchy, sweet vegies that I never thought would be possible. ^_^


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