Looking To Do A Passion Trilogy Relaunch…But…

Launching a novel twice within five years of its original date might be considered too soon by some. Then again, it might not be soon enough, with all that is intended. The Passion Trilogy is made up of three titles. Passion of the Different, Passion of the Same and Passion of the Unknown. It was my first trilogy from start to finish. This foray was supposed to be into the realm of Romance, and a touch of everything else. For some readers, it worked as intended. A few others thought the formula was too action packed after a slow, leisurely start. However, the story is usually well received by those who love Humor, Adventure and Heartfelt Feelings all in the same series.

The chapters need to be re-organized. Like the last chapter in Passion of the Different, it shouldn’t be numbered. It should read Epilogue as the story was resolved with a happy ending, in the second to the last chapter. The very short, last few pages were designed as a lead-in into the next novel, not as a cliff hanger, which is how some readers are taking it.  Romance novels that end in a cliff-hanger is a deal breaker for some on what makes a story romantic.  Or I could go a different route on the re-launch.  I could transfer the last chapter from Passion of the Different as the first chapter in Passion of the Same, and leave the happy ending part as the actual last pages of the story, with no lead-in to the next novel.  If you’re reading this, let me know what you think on that idea.  Remember, the story isn’t changing, just the format.

There are several issues I need to resolve before doing a re-launch. One, the cover art will need to be updated. Not necessarily changed, as I do harbor a heavy amount of loyalty for those artists who competed with each other to make unique covers for those novels. At that time, the best format to use was 600×900 in size. When Apple changed the submission requirements to a much larger size, all of the previous books in the system were grandfathered in. But… if I change the interior format for any reason, the cover must be updated to the new standards. Making the images I already have into the newer sizes distorts it slightly, and I didn’t just try it on my own. I went to a local, very talented photo manipulation specialist. He couldn’t make the new size change without minor distortions either.

So what could I do? I started with contacting the artist of the first novel, to ask for a re-make into the new size. Sounds simple enough. A few months back, I got in touch with her and explained what I needed, via a Private Message over at the Daz 3D forums.  The update request was well received. I had lost her direct email to a previous re-install of windows, and she shared her direct email address again. I sent her a direct email after a very nice phone conversation, and didn’t hear back. I’ve sent an email about once every month since then. I don’t know what happened, but I don’t think it is intentional. Something tells me that between point A and Point B, the messages are being lost or sent directly into a spam folder… or something along those lines, because her final words to me was about not having any problems with re-processing the cover art.

I didn’t proceed any further, because in order to re-launch it in June, I would have to change the cover. If she (not using her real name here out of respect for privacy) is reading this, please know that I want your Myra on my re-launch, and that I am keeping my promise not to change cover art on a whim, like other authors have been known to do. I’ve sent emails to your gmail address and I’ve only called you a second time, and you might not have been home as your phone rang without being answered. I’m an optimist, I don’t think I’ve upset you in any way, but if I did, let me know so I can properly apologize. My email is daniel_a_roberts1968@yahoo.com as my old email address, the one I used for the contest, is now defunct. Somebody told me not too long ago that any Yahoo email sent to a Google account can get sent to the Spam folder by default. If that’s the case, you might find my emails hiding there. Send me an email from the account you use just in case my typoese messed up on your own email address somehow. Pretty please?  (Goodness, I hope you read this, and you’re healthy, and nothing bad happened to you.)

Because she has done two out of three covers for the trilogy, I haven’t updated Safeunderdark, the Cover Artist for the middle book, Passion of the Same, on my re-launch project. I know she reads my blog, I’m sure I’ll be seeing a comment from her about it. ^_^  Safeunderdark also did the cover for Heroes of Valinthia, and the Valinthia series is starting to rise in popularity as well.

Besides the re-sizing of the cover art for the Passion Trilogy, I might need to change the title work. I don’t dare change the main title, but I might be adding a sub-heading, and repositioning the frame-work. Consider this: Passion of the Different – Myra’s Heart / Passion of the Same – Ryan’s Legacy / Passion of the Unknown – Heirs to the Kingdom – The old titles placed larger than the sub-titles isn’t the only viable option. I could turn it around, make the new title the main one, and the subtitle from the old version. In order to know what’s visually best, I’ll have to place both versions side by side when and if I can get the re-done covers.

Placing the subheading with the main title will be significantly decided on the cover art itself, which would eliminate the borders and the shaded areas, leaving more room for the actual artwork to co-exist with the title work.  Then I would have to update the ebooks first, and the paperback versions last.  Why?  If I do both at the same time, they will delist at the same time on most retail sites as the new content is uploaded and approved by retail sites like Apple and Amazon… and every review posted there will vanish with it.  Once one half updates, then the next half, all the reviews are retained as it’s never completely delisted for the updated material.

Sounds like a lot of work?  Of course it is.  While writing Darya Rising, which is a spin-off from the Passion Trilogy and will be straight up action packed Sci-Fi, it is getting ready to pass the 30,000 word mark. I need to have it finished by the last week of May for a June release.  My cup is certainly full.

Of course, the motivation and want in doing such a thing comes from the only place that writers like me find valuable – You.  My readers.  The recent blossoming interest in my Passion Trilogy along with the other worlds I write about is important to me.  I don’t want to be one of those writers who will post a book for sale just to vanish until a new series is started years down the road.

Besides, all of this is rather fun!  What could be better than sharing my fun with all of you?  ^_^


About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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One Response to Looking To Do A Passion Trilogy Relaunch…But…

  1. You are so right…
    Here is my reply ^_^

    Sounds great, to update the covers, I do hope nothing serious is wrong and you have contact with her soon..

    I hope I can re-render the cover, I have changed my installed software, it is possible not the whole scene can be loaded.
    But I still have high-resolution renders made as downloadable wallpapers on my website.
    Maybe they are usable.

    About the title change:
    Passion of the Different – Myra’s Heart
    Passion of the Same – Ryan’s Legacy
    Passion of the Unknown – Heirs to the Kingdom

    Sounds like a good idea, it would make the next one:
    The Passion continues – Darya Rising.
    fit in nicely :)

    I love the idea to use ‘the passion …’ As a sub title, after all the ‘Passion’ does indicate its place in the trilogy but not by definition the story in that chapter, it does makes it more clearer what’s the ‘story-line’.

    As long there is no change to the inside, except many the option to add the cover to the PDF version, to make that complete.

    I’m all for it :)

    Just let me know when I have look for my cover, so I can get it ready for you.

    I do hope things are good with everyone..

    About the chapters changing:

    It’s a good idea to have things in order.

    But I would not change the end chapter/ teaser in the way you want, but maybe make it a synopsis of things to come.
    This was not possible in the first print, because you we’re still writing it.

    Just to tease the reader with the things that will on in the next book.
    I hope this makes sense to you.


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