30 Days To Beta

On May 31st, 2012 there will be a Beta Release to those who wish to sign up for Beta Reading. I know that Amy is already on board with it, she’s never missed a Beta yet. This is going to be for the whole novel, all at once. So, what does a beta reader do, if you haven’t heard of the concept?

A beta reader is necessary for any author who is interested in writing to entertain their audience. Some writers feel that if you’re not reaching for a dictionary by using rarely used or exotic words, they failed in their job. Other writers tend to forget that not everyone wants to read at a tenth grade level. That middle area, telling a story in such a way as to help the reader visualize it in their mental theater, is a difficult one to locate. So, a beta reader answers a few important questions for authors like me, who want readers of all levels to enjoy my novels. They do not edit. They don’t spell correct. They do give feedback.

Here are some questions that a good beta reader asks themselves when contemplating their feedback: Is the story interesting? Did I feel compelled to keep turning the pages? Are the characters realistic in their roles? Was there a point I felt like not reading anymore, and which area was that? Are there confusing parts? When did I get bored? What characters did I like and connect with? What characters need more development? Did I feel there was too much description, or not enough? Does the flow of text halt, or become a stopping point in the story, and where?

That’s basically what a beta reader does. There’s no money for it, no compensation beyond a free copy of the ebook in the format of their choice when it is published, and a thank you mention in the credits inside the ebook. So, if you’re interested in Beta Reading and don’t mind writing the feedback within 2 weeks after receiving the PDF of the finished novel, comment below with your preferred email, or if you want your email kept private, send me a personal email to daniel_a_roberts1968@yahoo.com (copy and paste what’s bolded into your email) and I will reply the moment I see it. My spam filter is off, I check it daily, so you won’t miss out. After beta is done, I will delete your private email from my address book.

While you have 30 days to decide if this is something you want to do, from the time of this post that is, don’t procrastinate, as I’m limiting the number of participants for this Beta.  Ideally, I need a minimum of four, but no more than ten.  If I am graced with enough interested parties to fill all ten spots, I’ll make a post closing the Beta entry period.

So, what type of book is Darya Rising?  It’s straight up Sci-Fi without any fantasy.  No swords or magic in this one!  It’s also an action novel, and at times, quite humorous.  While it’s a spin-off story from the Passion Trilogy, it’s not a Romance novel, and you don’t have to read the Passion Trilogy to follow the plot or enjoy the story… though I won’t stop you if you feel like reading the Passion Trilogy to learn of Darya’s early origin!  ^_^

This beta invite is open to all who read this blog and feel interested.  From close personal friends to complete strangers, all are welcome, you just need to let me know.  Everything is copyright protected, so I’m not concerned with the process.  From here on out, it’s all about having fun and enjoying a good novel… in 30 days from the time of this post.  If I haven’t posted a closure to the beta reading process, you can email me about doing it all the way up to the 30th of May, and you’ll be accepted.  :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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One Response to 30 Days To Beta

  1. LOL Daniel!
    You are so right, you know me so well…
    Some of the things I get my needed inspiration is from good stories, and no one keeps me from one of your stories.. yes, they are that good, even in Beta reading…

    If you are reading this, and wonder is this true, why do I do this and should you ?
    This is the only way for Daniel to get the feedback he needs, not that he is insecure about things. He is a writer who knows to do things right, but also doing the right thing by checking that he did things right. (does the reader understands where he goes with the story). not many writers do this the way Daniel does.
    Why I do this?
    I never ever had the pleasure to meet him in person, but I have met him by reading a story and was hooked by the style of writing and the humor in his stories,
    I’m make 3D images of the things I see in my mind, and Daniel is one of the view who, with his own style and lots of humor, makes me able to see worlds I could never imagined myself.
    It’s some kind of magic I can share with others in my images and most of all you will have the fun and pleasure to be one of the first to read a new story.and drop of your chair from laughter, I’m sure of it.
    So yes you should, this is a good chance to get up-close in the process and read the ‘bare-metal’ version of the story, the version with all it’s flaws and spelling errors here and there.
    It is a nice chance to meet a new world of interesting character, you will learn and love,
    get hooked as I am, you will love it, promise… ;)

    Love ,


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