When Windows Shatter

In our minds, we can picture two events with the phrase above. “When Windows Shatter” isn’t a metaphor these days. Either glass is breaking, or I’m reinstalling Windows 7 on my computer. Can you guess which one it is? Of course you can. It’s Microsoft, after all.

This is a dance I’m familiar with. I’ve reinstalled before, but on my own schedule, as I replace the Operating System with a fresh registry one every year to a year and a half… on MY schedule, so my novel writing schedule isn’t compromised. This time, I stopped myself from making the annual reinstall. A few months after that choice, Windows ups and breaks all on its own, thereby proving my previous precautions were not out of sorts.

I know there are many folks out there who go years and years without having any problems. I use the Operating System a touch more heavier than the common user. Games, of course. Writing, absolutely. 3D rendering of high polygon models, also a big yes. Add to that some heavy hitting programs to create multiple ebook formats, video compilation software and three different graphics programs like Paint.net, Adobe CS4 and viola, there’s enough new code stacked up so high, I can’t see over the top of my monitor anymore, and that’s without doing anything else.

So yes, on my systems, the code breaks often enough for me to never, ever forget to back up and save my work on a regular basis onto flash memory.

One more disturbing thing happened. When I reinstalled my email client, I received messages from as far back as 5/21/2013 as unread. None of them were critical, but it makes me worry that stuff might not have been getting out, as Windows was in shatter mode. I will email my Beta Readers individually, later today, and ask if they got the copy of Darya Rising I sent them. If email wasn’t coming in, then email might not have been going out. Microsoft… one step closer to imploding the universe. ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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2 Responses to When Windows Shatter

  1. Wow, got a fright there, thought you were hit my a twister!
    I’m still sorry for your mishap, but happy is is only computer problems :)



  2. Same here, Amy. :)

    The tornadoes missed me by miles, but I was without power for a day and a half. I’m just happy to have everything back up and running smoothly.


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