Today Is The Last Day Of Beta

When I started Beta two weeks ago, it was the first time I didn’t make a massive mail out to the beta readers, and left the majority of the message in the original PDF that I sent out. It was a break from the standard procedure I established over the last two years, because Darya Rising was written differently than the other novels. This one is focused on action and adventure. Humor is there, just set on a different angle, with a very serious ending. I introduced a cast of new characters, to interact with the familiar ones that this novel spun from.

Passion of the Different and Passion of the Same is the back story for the two characters in Darya Rising. In those previous novels, along with a brief mention at the end of Passion of the Unknown as a major hint this spin-off was going to happen, that these were two supporting characters to the original main┬áplot, who now have their own focus. Their own goals, trials and triumphs. They succeed in their goals, and do so very well. However, there is a heavy price to pay for such success, and it’s paid in full.

My beta readers know what I’m talking about. They also frequent my blog posts, so I’ll say it here: Time’s Up! LOL. I’ll need the feedback, no matter in what volume its done with, short, medium or long, by this weekend. With or without feedback, I’ll be going into pre-publishing status in only 5 days from today, to meet my July goal of having the novel in every major e-book retail outlet.

To let folks who don’t beta read know just how valuable beta reading can be to an author such as myself, I’ll post a positive feedback and a not-so positive feedback from each beta reader in one mega post next week, and how it influenced whatever changes I will make just before publication. You all can believe me when I promise that if anyone of my novels goes best seller and I end up with a dose of money that going best-seller brings, one of my first re-investments will be to pay my beta readers what they’re worth… and that’s no small amount! As for now, a shoe-string budget is just that, a literal shoe-string I use for advertising and development. Everything else is the sweat and grit of those who enjoy my writing and want to see it succeed as much as I do.

So be prepared next week, for the mega post and how it all works for the benefit of the novel, Darya Rising.

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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One Response to Today Is The Last Day Of Beta

  1. Daniel
    Won’t get into detail here, might be a spoiler alert -lol-
    you got my feedback in the mail.

    But I just needed to say: Job well done

    Love, Amy


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