10 Days Later

Darya RisingHere we are, ten days after the official launch of Darya Rising, which is about two weeks after the upload to the Smashwords distribution network, and the response has been surprising.  Even over at Amazon and Amazon Europe, sales have been happening, though there hasn’t been any reviews yet.  It’s not a whole whopping amount, mind you, but enough to keep the weekly and monthly sales report showing a steady increase in digits.

I’ve put out a video trailer a month before release.  I’ve blogged about it like crazy, as some of you already know.  I’ve marketed my novel on forums that expect it, and used social media to my best advantage.  One of the few things I haven’t done yet is to put on a white tuxedo, top hat, grab a cane and do a song and dance on the Oklahoma City Capitol steps.  (I’m tempted, though.  I wonder if the NSA would haul me away were I to try it.)

I’ve already started writing Darya the Pirate.  It’s going to be a touch more action packed, add to that a dash of extra humor, baked together in the oven-like keyboard under my fingertips, and by next year, you’ll have a sequel that should be worthy to follow such growing interest.

One Unlucky Knight Official CoverOne Unlucky Knight has been put on the shelf for now.  I talked about it some time ago, and it isn’t about plot, or the characters, or the novel itself.  It’s about me writing about a self-centered Sir Jerk-A-Lot (not his name, but you get the idea) who gets his just rewards by the claws of a half-demented dragon.  I even have the cover for that one already done.

I will finish this, but its going to take some time.  I promise the wait will be worth it, because this is more than just a fantasy story.  It’s supposed to get folks laughing, and if the humor is off just by a hair (or a scale) then it won’t work.  I can’t have that.  I need the humor to grab people by the funny bone and shake them up.  There is no ETA for this one, and I might tackle it after I’m done with the Darya series.  However, it’s in the mix with another novel I’m playing with, an untitled Superhero comedy that’s just busting to get out of my head.  We’ll see.  I might end up finishing them both at the same time, since they’re using the same ribald humor in their growing format.

One final update.  I will be taking the next two weeks off from blogging.  I have house work to do, work on the novel, and my next update will include a sample from Darya the Pirate, I promise.  Until next time, stay safe, read what you love, and have a very nice next couple of weeks!  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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2 Responses to 10 Days Later

  1. I’m just reading this, was on Holiday myself, no internet so needed to read in again :)

    Was eagerly awaiting ‘Unlucky night’ sorry you delayed that on, but if the timing is off you are right to keep it in the fridge, but I hope not too long.

    LOL you in a white tuxedo, and top hat, why wouldn’t that surprise me ?
    The dancing bit made me chuckle, hope you are a good dancer, would be a nice minuet of fame.

    But please do it for the unlucky Knight, in not in tuxedo but in a Knights Armour,
    that would be a bigger blast, if you do get arrested ( I don’t hope that, but would make you an unlucky Knight too :) that would be a nice media exposure in unlucky Knight style)


  2. Welcome back from your Holiday, Amy! I hope you recharged your batteries as much as I did. :)

    ‘One Unlucky Knight’ actually did quite well, but I have a tendency to make sarcastic jerk-like characters more evil than tI intended, so the re-working will require 100% of my attention. That is something I can’t do until Darya’s story is told. So yeah, back int he fridge, but it isn’t shoved into the back of the meat drawer. It’s top shelf goods!

    Back in the day, 150 pounds lighter, I did do a fair amount of dancing, including some tap. Waltz, Polka and the occasional Jazz was a blast, too. All of that came to an end around 1993, when I took on a career in the medical industry, which is just another piece to the crazy puzzle in my mental theater.

    I should have everything I want written done by 2015, but don’t let that far off date put you off. It’ll arrive sooner than we anticipate. It was like, a year ago (or so it feels) when 2009 rolled in and I decided to publish Passion of the Different. How quickly it passes. ^_^


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