Two Week Break Is Over: Time To Work

The last two weeks went by quickly, which is a good thing for me. I got some things in order around the house, now it’s time to get back to writing. Also, if you recall, I promised a small sample from Darya the Pirate. To be fair, it’s the entire Prologue for the novel, which is short and to the point. I’ve uploaded the picture of the text, so you can read it with proper formatting, and not the block/wall-of-text that blogs like to produce. Which of course, is a strain on any eye to read. With how I do it, it should be a touch more readable.



That’s it for now.  While this post is short, next week I’ll be making a bigger post on various things.  I’m off to bed, see you all in August, which is just a few days away.  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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2 Responses to Two Week Break Is Over: Time To Work

  1. Mr. Coffee ?? you haven’t see ‘Space Balls’ have you ? -lol-
    Just make sure you don;t take to much, or you will have to say ‘Hi’ to agent Fisher -lol-

    Can’t wait for the Beta :)


    • The last time I watched Space Balls, it was fresh out of the box office and on sale as a DVD. That piece was born from a time when my coffee maker did break, and it took almost a month for me to replace it. I was an ogre for a little while, LOL

      The best part about Darya Rising is we get to see her shine on her own, hell-bent on revenge, earning credits and building a fleet that will shake the stars. :) We’ll learn more about the Fabrini, and their role in shaping the galaxy that’s about to be, um, usurped. Unlike the first novel, an entire five years will pass from page one to the last letter in the story. I won’t say anything more, or it’ll be a major spoiler. ^_^

      Agent Fisher … I almost named him Agent John on purpose, but decided that was too much of a stretch on the ending.

      In a few months, I’ll post one more sample from Darya the Pirate, and it’ll be a touch longer than this one, I promise. :)


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