Work, work, work…

Those three words, linked together, can have so many meanings. A man by his car with the hood up, saying this, can gain sympathy from others who have cars that actually move. Or a person staring at their computer, the monitor dark, but they hear the hard drive spinning up… or the most powerful ever. Staring at a human heart, in somebody’s chest in the operating room, and the Doctor is massaging it, saying, “work work work!” It’s these moments where the mind can flow back and forth, between tragedy and comedy, with those three words.

For me, it’s a totally different story. The word “work” is a nasty four letter word. When I write, I don’t necessarily work. I have fun. I enjoy rational conflicts, with a resolution that satisfies. My goal of entertaining my readers isn’t work in the slightest. It’s the most fun I’ve ever enjoyed.

I’ve been busy having fun. Pretty soon, I’m going to share a surprise. If not in one week, for sure in two. For right now, I’m going to share something else, and it involves The Passion Trilogy. Passion of the Different, Passion of the Same and Passion of the Unknown. Before this year is out, there will be a 2nd Edition release. That second edition will be restructured. Re-written. The same people, same names, same conflicts, emotion, but the differences will be in format, an easier to read version, as all three stories will be under one roof. This will ‘not’ result in the removal of the original romance trilogy, and the marketing will show that. In fact, the original stories will have their meta-data updated to reflect there is a 2nd Edition available, which will be priced closely to the cost of the 2 sequels. If that sounds confusing, it’s easier to understand if you looked at it on the digital shelves, which you can’t do right this moment. Let me explain this better…

Say you find Passion of the Different. On every retailer out there, it’s free. It’s a series starter. All of my full length novels-series-starters cost nothing for the readers. The cost of the sequels are the commonly expected $2.99 – a price that’s more than fair. For three full length novels, a person can pay a touch less than $6, which is around a quarter of a million words. That’s with the first novel free, of course.

In the 2nd Edition, all under one cover, including the first novel, will be priced at $5.95 and is also a fair price, for the amount of work that’s going into it.

This means that people who download and read the free Passion of the Different will have a choice. They can continue to buy and read the original series, or they can buy the 2nd Edition, and get the first novel in its improved format… for nearly the same price. (A few pennies different, literally.) Producing a second edition isn’t unusual, and it allows me to place it in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre, where it fits. The Romance genre fit as well, as the story is versatile. I’ve gotten more than one published feedback from readers telling me the story can fit in many genre’s, and be just as enjoyable. Who am I to argue with my readers, right? ^_^

Darya the Pirate is making headway. I have my time spent wisely, so one project doesn’t overshadow the other. I’ll be keeping in touch. :)

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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