Blog Re-Vamp… What Do You Think?

The background didn’t change, but the Header did, as well as the Tabs at the bottom of the header!  Check them out!  Let me know what you think, please.

The last time this blog was adjusted for theme and work related results, was back in May of 2011.  That needed to be addressed, and so I did!

You can find any of my novels on their respective pages, with links to the major retailers next to the book covers.  Also, in the About page, I had a little fun with the contact form.  Why not, you know?  Somebody just might be writing me from somewhere else… like Mars, or who knows.

I’ll be looking forward to your feedback, if you care to post.  I’m encouraging feedback this time, because I want to prove to folks who feel shy that yes, Daniel A. Roberts will actually talk with them.  ^_^

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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4 Responses to Blog Re-Vamp… What Do You Think?

  1. Oh like the colors ;)

    But i’m missing the link to your new website ^_^


  2. Amy,

    For the Official Website, it could use an update as well. The promotional video was aimed at July, so we could probably take that down. Give me some time today, and I can have a few extra banners created, identical in size to the one that’s pointing at my blog. Don’t take that down, though we might change the link location directly to the address for the Valinthia Chronicles on the blog site.

    I will make a new graphic for the blog, and one for each tab on the blog that highlights my novels, and where they are up for sale. Since this is more of an experimental thing, feel free to change or alter any of the banners I send later on today, as you see fit. I don’t mind creative input, you’ve got a better eye than I do when it comes to graphics. ^_^


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