A Review Worth Discussing

Every writer who puts words before an audience, waits with baited anticipation for the rare review from somebody who invested time to read their story.  Authors must grow a thick skin.  Some people will adore a book, just as much as people will hate it to the core.  My blog post today is about neither end of that spectrum.

I received a review over at Barnes & Noble dated June 9, 2013.  Yes, I just got a look at it today.  It’s for my freebie short story, A Jalapeno for the Vampire.  To be fair, the person selected 5 stars.  While that’s a promising rating, what he/she wrote kind of jumped out at me.  I will copy it here.

Is any of it inappropriate for a 13yr old

That’s it.  5 stars and that message.

Here’s my answer:  Yes.  It’s ALL inappropriate for a 13 year old!

Smashwords is my distributor for everything ebook.  When I upload a novel or short story, there is a box I make it a point to check.  “My book contains adult content.”  If even one of my novels or short stories even so much as cusses funny, I make sure that box is selected.  When Smashwords delivers the material to retailers such as Barnes & Noble, the settings carry over.  Or at least, they should.

A Jalapeno for the Vampire has never been intended for anything but an 18+ audience, as Susan Smith, a delivered snack to an underground vampire, cusses rather adult-like.  She is to be fast food for an undead monster.  The vampire is not sexy.  He’s not even passable cute.  He’s a horrid beast that doesn’t seduce his food.  He terrorizes his food, as fear flavors her blood.

None of my fiction is written for any 13 year old out there.  18 or older only.  I do not write children’s books, nor do I ever intend to write for kids.  If you’re letting your 13 year old read my stuff, you must be a better parent than that from here on out.

Now that I’ve shared my 2 cents, I feel better already!

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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2 Responses to A Review Worth Discussing

  1. I’ve been checking this to see if I could find a age rating for this story.
    To be honest I can’t, also other books don’t have it either, so maybe something is wrong…

    To be honest there was another one pointing it out earlier:
    “This book is not for younger children but is hilarious and pointless. I love it.” with 3 stars
    what says it all, but described better in my opinion :)

    As for me, I was surprised to see a cover change, much better ;)


    • Thank you, Amy! I read that review as well, but the statement made didn’t sound like the form of a question, so I let it be. Over at Smashwords, under a registered person’s name, there is the link that says “Adult Content Filter ON’ or ‘OFF’ as the selection may be made with a single click. Turn it on, my books vanish from the list, all but a few. Turn it off, they’re all visible. I didn’t see anything like that at Barnes & Noble, but when a person fills out a registration over there, and their age is under 18, books marked as adult content ‘should’ vanish from the list. So if Mom or Dad registers, as verified adults of course, the list is fully there and un-restricted. Their kids get to browsing, I can see how they come across it. I haven’t tried it myself, but that is the gist I get from reading their Terms of Service over there. (Was a long, horrid mind-numbing legal-like read. I don’t recommend trying to decipher it, lol.)

      As for the cover change, that is one I did myself via Daz 3D. Thank you for the compliment. ^_^ I agree, it’s much better!


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