Writing Content for Yahoo

As a writer of fiction, I dabble in many different universes.  Writing new rules of existence for multiple characters in a format that will entertain you, well, is a fun challenge.

However, there is a sweet tooth for writing non-fiction that nags me from time to time.  I need to satisfy it, or it will impact as to how well I write my fiction.  Weird?  Sure.  But hey, why not?  It’s just how my thinking machinery works.

So where is this content I’m talking about?  Please visit my Yahoo Profile Page.  <- That link will show both articles that recently got approved for publication over at Yahoo Voices.  Take a peek, you’ll see the non-fiction subjects that may or may not interest you.  They’re designed to be informative, sharing facts and my honest outlook on such things.  If you want to post comments over at my Yahoo articles, you won’t see me unhappy over it.

For those of you who may worry, this is a beneficial thing for me.  In between chapters, while writing my novels, these articles will not be infringing upon my fiction.  In fact, taking a minor break every now and then will only sharpen my skills in both areas, and the people who benefit from that are my readers.  Which in my book, is an awesome thing.  :)

About Daniel A. Roberts

I'm an Independent Author. I've written both fiction and non-fiction.
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